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Celebrate! – netart features

mayonu/ February 4, 2011/ 1. News, 3. Features

– Celebrate! –netart features 2010 10 Years JavaMuseum – Forum for Internet Technology Between 1 January and 31 December 2010, JavaMuseum was celebrating its 10th anniversary by releasing the ongoing journal “Celebrate”, featuring 102 artists and including more than 300 netart pieces Now after its completion, “Celebrate!” is representing another excellent resource of netart created by JavaMuseum, dedicated this

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JavaMuseum enters NewMediaFest’2010

mayonu/ January 8, 2010/ 1. News, 3. Features

1 On 7 January 2010, JavaMuseum entered NewMediaFest’2010, starting with a series of interviews from JIP – JavaMuseum Interview Project Find the daily featured arists’ interviews on 2. On 8 January, the feature of the month January 2010 was re-launched, i.e 1st of Java – Perspectives on New Media 1st global competition – JavaArtist of the Year Award 3.

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2010 – 10th anniversary of JavaMuseum

mayonu/ August 8, 2009/ 1. News, 3. Features

In 2010, JavaMuseum is celebrating its 10th anniversary. Actually founded in autumn 2000, JavaMuseum started in the beginning of 2001 its pioneerlike work in promoting “netart”, at that time, a new art genre, yet. During 10 years, JavaMuseum initiated and organised more than 20 showcases of “netart” in a global context, as an expression of a new global culture. JavaMuseum

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