From Net Art to Museums

by Carla Della Beffa 

I’m working on a paper I’ll read on Sunday 11 June, in Rome, at a meeting organised by dol’s ( during the Universo Donna fair. (If you want a ticket, you can ask it at
It’s just twenty minutes and ….

I have many more things to say, so I go on adding topics and erasing them to keep in the given time. Though I expect the others won’t be as severe with themselves. And maybe I won’t as well, if i want to smile from time to time, to look at the audience instead of just reading through my text.
The meeting is “Donne e tecnologia: oltre il web” (Women and technology: beyond the web), everyone will talk about their experiences and I’ll talk about art on the web and in other places. I’m also saying something about the current discussion on these topics, as read in the Javamuseum interviews. I’d need at least forty-five minutes to give a good overview of the situation, and I hope I’ll have another opportunity soon.
Shortly after this meeting I have another at Luogo della Natura in Bolognano, the Italian village where Josef Beuys used to live, and where I present a video and a permanent installation. The installation, “Swing”,  is in fact one of the results of some five years of net art and web art projects: a real, adult-supporting swing oscillating between heaven and earth, with jasmin climbing on it to add its magic to the experience. A moving meditation  of sort.