Happy New Year 2007!

Welcome to the new year 2007!
It will be the year of the rebirth of JavaMuseum on 1 January 2007 and its relaunch during the next six month, including the announced re-structuration.
In short, a new open call will be released and new activities for 2007 and beyond announced.

Art and Internet is still rather a controversary subject. When JavaMuseum was opened in 2000 and started its activities in 2001, it was not yet clear where their course would lead to. JavaMuseum was the first instance, at all, which made the dimension of “art on the net” visible and a new art genre perceivable for a wider audience and during the past years. “Netart”, “art on the net” found so much recognition that even art schools and universities run courses of “netart”. On the other hand, “netart” is said to be dead,
so what is true?
Of course it is not like that, as those who spread such messages do it mostly from a very restricted and even ideologized point of view. It is true, that “art on the net” changed as fast as the technological development was taking place and certain definitions are and were not any longer valid, depending on the subjective point of view. It is further true that especially until 2004, many of the pioneers of “art on the net” left the scene in order to continue their artistic activities on other fields, and this fact that these artists who started “art on the net” from an interdiscipliary approach made exactly this problem visible, which one may describe as a crisis. These pioneers left a big gap and the generation of young artists has to conquer this new field of art yet, by finding such an interdisciplinary approach by themselves, which takes time of course or will never come. Who knows?
When JavaMuseum is starting now its rebirth in 2007, the situtaion of activities to be planned are actually quite the same, and also now it is not clear where the course of activities JavaMuseum and “art on the net” will lead to, and this actually represents the best condition, as again openness for the existing and the new is required, from the responsables of JavaMuseum, as well as the audience and the art scene.
Nothing could be better for art: the dead of the dogma